Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clockwork in Wonderland

Growing up as an outcast and a strange girl with dreams that I was told that life is but a dream, I became a huge Alice in Wonderland. I appreciated her imagination, her curious and curiouser personality. Opening pandora's box and not knowing how to handle the repercussions.

I was Malice Alice from the PC game Alice years ago when no one really knew what it was. I have it again on my PC playing it before the new one comes out, which I can't wait.

Last year for my birthday a good friend of mine took me to a show called Wonderland which was a cool spill on the Alice story. When the new Alice and Wonderland came out with Johnny Depp I was very concerned about the angle that they would take on the story and would it turn my stomach.

This year for my birthday I got tickets for my two teenage boys and myself to celebrate and got to the Clockwork in Wonderland show at the curtain club in Dallas. It was amazing!!!! The performers, circus acts, burlesque, belly dancing trees, vendors and attendees were all in Steampunk flare and ready to see Alice and the Mad Hatter. I was so excited.

When I drove up to the club there was a line down the side of the building of so many people dressed for this particular occasion. A very merry unbirthday to us indeed. As you enter the club was transformed in the Wonderland with the walls, curtains, table settings, cards... It was all so bizarre and just what I needed.

one of the girls from the Lollibombs burlesque show entranced us with her fire breathing skills. Man I could so do that, not. But with some help... maybe? There was even mini carni acts, singing, dancing. It was all so much creativity it just was food to my soul. Anyway, it was a great weekend and I do hope they come back again next year. I am so in <3 with everyone there.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Once Upon a time?!?!?

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall And all the king horse and all the kings men, put him back together again?

What - are you for real? How many times did this happen. I would be like - umm nope, sorry - I put you together last time, not doing it again. I guess your just a scrambled egg. And it would be ... And all the kings horses and all the kings men trampled Humpty Dumpty again. LOL Ok so once upon a time, would be transcribed today as phrased in American pie, ” there was this one time, at band camp…” Or there was this one fraction of a second when….

In storybooks they always try to start gloomy and end up happy. Ok but it appears to be over a lifespan to build up to that one moment the whole story is about. And then they lived happily ever after. Really???? Well, there was never a second, third or fourth follow up to Cinderella. Did she and the Prince have kids. Were their kids in sports or extracurricular activities? What about drinking or drug issues or even additions to sex? None of this items are ever covered. I mean, think about it. In those times kings had mistresses. And these mistresses were most likely married and the husbands would be furious. Do you really think Cinderella lived happily ever after?

So I find that there is some damage control needed to be done here. The fairies flew down and made the other experts disintegrate into nothingness so we would never know the true ending to keep us in the mind frame of, yes everything is happy and ended rightfully so with perfection. Sure it will if you married a sugar daddy and you had a fairy god mother, or in this time a Drag Queen to make everything perfect.

Story telling is just that. We feed this to our kids and they believe. Just like old fashioned Santa Claus. My teenagers think Santa was an evil trick that I and their father played on them growing up. They were so disappointed to find out the truth. I literally cried all day when my oldest found out. It was the end of stories and he was welcome into the harsh world of “you can’t always get what you want.” That year was so sad at Christmas. After years have gone by we talk about that from time to time and my boys do not want to raise their children beleiveing in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. But time will tell.

Now, don’t get me wrong I love, Love , LOVE a great story. I just wish when I was younger I wasn’t so nieve and knew the only way to be happy is to be happy with who you are and what you can achieve. Build goals and help us build our own self esteem versus thinking our prince charming will make everything alright. Honestly, I think Prince Charming may look nice but inside he is probably just as fake. Anyway, I digrese…. Along with stories of love and honesty we have magazines, Barbie dolls, rock singers ect. That young girls have to look up to.

Let’s be honest. With these stories and the happily ever after, it’s a set up for failure. However, it’s also a key into the gateway of imagination.

So I sound like I am against it. Well, no I am not. I love stories. I just wish my parents had been a little more open and honest with things. But then again, if they might have, I might not have rebelled so much and not be the gothic loving soul I am but instead a pink Barbie wanting everything just perfect. Brrr… that just gave me the chills. I am me with all my oddities. I am a kid at heart. And probably why I side with the Disney Villians. I always thought even when I was little that the whole story wasn’t told. I mean come on now. Why did Malifacint act the way she did. We don’t know, because the fairies burned all the evidence. Muahahahaha……….

I guess I am not alone with comic books like Fairy Tales and then movies like Shrek that come out. Those crack me up. And well, Disney just made their last Princess movie because they aren’t doing as well as they used to. Helloooo… That’s because no one can relate to that perfect mindset anymore.

And this is why Princess Bride was one of my favorites, Ellen Enchanted, ect… Im odd. What can I say. Tra La La….

Hey you, You remind me of the babe. The babe with the power, what power.

The power of Voodoo who do you do

Remind me of the babe.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fairy Kisses, Eskimo Kisses... No Jedi Kisses and Unicorn Kisses

Several years ago my boys were much more younger and I would tell them stories I would make up about orcs, fairies and evil lords. In my fairy tale fashion I would always give them fairy kisses and eskimo kisses as I was telling them goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite because that was my job. LOL.... I made up all sorts of stories and they listen intently. Now my boys are 16 and the youngest is about to turn 14. They have grown tierd of these childish stories of mine. But, I still love them and still imagine other worlds. Even though I could not tuck them in a few years ago because they were point blank, growning up, I developed a new kiss. It was the unicorn kiss. One night I showed it to them as I was tucking them in. I was sweet and gave them a kiss on the cheek and asked to give a fairy kiss, then the eskimo kiss. Then I asked if I ever gave them a unicorn kiss. They had nooo idea what I was talking about. Ofcourse they weren't, I had just made it up in my head. So I told them to close their eyes and I would show them. So how does this unicorn kiss work you might ask. It's simple. You take your index finger and in the middle of the person of your choice, you poke them in the forehead. That is what a unicorn kiss is. :) This evening I was doodling and started making images of a fairy kiss and an eskimo kiss and when i did the eskimo kiss I made a new version of that as well. It is now called..... The Jedi Kiss! Yes!!!!!