Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clockwork in Wonderland

Growing up as an outcast and a strange girl with dreams that I was told that life is but a dream, I became a huge Alice in Wonderland. I appreciated her imagination, her curious and curiouser personality. Opening pandora's box and not knowing how to handle the repercussions.

I was Malice Alice from the PC game Alice years ago when no one really knew what it was. I have it again on my PC playing it before the new one comes out, which I can't wait.

Last year for my birthday a good friend of mine took me to a show called Wonderland which was a cool spill on the Alice story. When the new Alice and Wonderland came out with Johnny Depp I was very concerned about the angle that they would take on the story and would it turn my stomach.

This year for my birthday I got tickets for my two teenage boys and myself to celebrate and got to the Clockwork in Wonderland show at the curtain club in Dallas. It was amazing!!!! The performers, circus acts, burlesque, belly dancing trees, vendors and attendees were all in Steampunk flare and ready to see Alice and the Mad Hatter. I was so excited.

When I drove up to the club there was a line down the side of the building of so many people dressed for this particular occasion. A very merry unbirthday to us indeed. As you enter the club was transformed in the Wonderland with the walls, curtains, table settings, cards... It was all so bizarre and just what I needed.

one of the girls from the Lollibombs burlesque show entranced us with her fire breathing skills. Man I could so do that, not. But with some help... maybe? There was even mini carni acts, singing, dancing. It was all so much creativity it just was food to my soul. Anyway, it was a great weekend and I do hope they come back again next year. I am so in <3 with everyone there.


  1. Glad you had so much fun. I like the way that you convey your excitement about this. It sort of reminds me of the afterglow that I feel after a good concert or trip out of town. Also, that picture of you and the boys is priceless. Love it!

  2. Yes I was on a major high and even more so because the boys attended. I loved watching their expressions. :) I was so excited they even put on some of my close to try to fit in. O I love those kids. :) Thanks Rob.

  3. Looks like fun! I would have loved to see all of the costumes!

    For months my daughter has insisted that she's not turning five. Her birthday is in February, so I've decided to throw her an unbirthday party. I'm hoping she'll take the bait.

  4. Yup, Clockwork in Wonderland was definitely right up your alley. With the obvious success they had, I know there will be another event to go to. Hopefully they will find a bigger space.

    I like the comment that short girl said when they brought her up on stage and they asked her how she felt. She said, "I feel at home here."

    Cheers, Becky. Here's to more adventures!

  5. What fun!! And how cool that you took your boys - sounds like a great birthday!!

  6. Thanks! It was a blast. I like taking them places that they would not have a chance to see otherwise. They have been to see Depeche Mode, 7 shot screamers and... The Horror Pops with me. My kids rock the Casba! :)