Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonder Woman vs Cat Woman, the winner is......

Today i saw this on one of my normal sites I check for art inspiration.....

Sneak peek from Wonder Woman picture book coming this spring from Even the gods don’t stand a chance!?!?!?

Ofcourse, my mind didn't focus on the up and coming comic but more to the effect of... Wonder woman... blaaaaa........ Now I must admit, I didn't follow Wonder woman growing up. I didn't think her invisible jet was thought thru. I mean, you could still see her when she was in it. WHY have an invisible plane if you can still see the person inside. It's like giving Harry Potter a regular blanket and telling him it's an invisibility cloak. Then Harry would say, "I'm invisible. You can't see me... You can't see me." then Lord Voldermort would giggle and go ****poof*** gone went Potter.

As a kid, I thought hrmmm... that's really embarrassing if she has to put on auto pilot and have to go to the bathroom. Everyone would see it. Now, my all time favorite was ***cough*** ***meow*** you got it.... Cat Woman.... It only makes me wonder... If Cat women and Wonder Woman were to get into a fight... who would win? Thoughts? I personally think Cat woman would win and kick some serious Wonder Woman butt. Think about it, Cat Woman has death defying sex appeal not to mention an awesome dominatrix wip and a bitchy cat like attitude of, don't mess with me or Ill bite your head off.... I mean really? "Life's a bitch and so am I" Meowwww..... Then don't forget....

Selina Kyle: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.
Bruce Wayne: But a kiss can be even deadlier... if you mean it.

Dun dun Dunnnn.......

So you tell me, in the battle of Cat and Wonder Woman... Who would you place your bets on and why? Im a fan, and always have been. She just looks and acts like she means business. She's dressed for fighting. Wonder woman on the other hand is set up for a wardrobe catastrophe. I could see her now. OMG, my top wont stay up. I don't think she has lazer beams underneath her top to fight crime. I'm just sayin.....

But who am I? I'm just a fan behind a mask....

I said No MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!
Yours Truely,
Mommy Dearst

Thursday, February 17, 2011

She's too pretty to die

I must say I am very giddy at the moment with some wonderful news... Firefly is going to be returning to cable. This article though made it sound like they were continuing the episodes. Firefly' returning to cable; Fillion says he'd play Mal again -- Damit! After I read the article I was still excited that they are reairing it. But, you don't tease about Firefly. So check your local channels for airing. Or go to netflix and rewatch. Why did I love firefly. Look, I grew up watching the old Star Trek, my favorite episode was trouble with tribbles. I even have the trading card of kirk up to his armpits with tribbles. I also watch Buck Rodgers and Battle Star Galactica. I love sci fi. and another more recent one (well not so recent) was Farscape. It's pretty bad when I get so involved with the characters I cry during certain episodes.

Now I honestly haven't watched but a few episodes of Battle Star Galactica yet (i know I know) but I only have so many hours in a day. I don't have cable so alot of what I watch is on netflix and they just seem so serious. I like the lackadaisical ones.. But I will give it a chance at some point. In the mean time, I catch myself watching things that make me laugh and cry. Or laugh so hard I cry. Like Dr. Horrible's sing along blog. If you haven't seen it, watch it and work on your evil laugh and you might see Fillion as Captain Hammer. Pffftt... If you like that and your into any sort of online gaming or not and just know people who are, Felica Day is on Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog also has her own as well... The Guild, which is another I watch and giggle at.

Ok - I have rambled on enough, don't even get me started on talking about the Zombie movie Fido. I leave that for another time. Yes - I think I geeked out enough here.


Nebulious, is what one of my friends said when they saw my digital painting. And so that is where the name came from. I created this in November after a long work trip in California. Overworked and over tired, but still couldn't sleep. I think I need to blow this up on canvas and put it in my living room. Yes, put on canvas I will... I noticed while creating this - it was really creating itself. There was no real beginning and there really was no end. But when I stop I was amazed to see a little hobbit type character in a cave with a lady holding a sphere. I guess I have read a little too much Terry Brooks books growing up and Tolken.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lego Land? Omg! I can't wait!

Saw this at the local outlet mall. OMG! I can't wait! I'm so there! I love logos! Ha, and about to make some cuff links out of some and out of PC keyboard keys. Lol!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Yep, i was bored and couldn't sleep. So as any normal person I draw dragons on my knee. Lol. I need sleep! Come to me sandman and knock me out! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


As we are about to embark on another overly marketed holiday, Valentines Day, I have to giggle. The immature side of me says to myself, "V- day, more like venereal disease day."
Afterwhich, I thought my valentine to you would be a little demented collage, if you will.

Starting from the upper left corner you see a light fixture from the Dentist to which I recently visited. As with Love, the Dentist scares the day lights out of me. Then moving over to the right, you see parts of the word Safety. Well when I see the words Safety, the song Safety Dance goes into my head by Men Without Hats. But I digress, this image I took on the airplane going on one of my work trips this last year. Yes instead of listening to the Flight Attendant, I took goofy pictures. Then on the lower left hand side is a picture of me. :) LOL, yes this is me in a store holding a heart shaped candy box that says F@ing Love You. I thought this was hilarious. No I didn't buy it, but I took a picture and have had alot of fun with it. Uh - O - the retail Gods will be after me. O well, my credit cards are already burning so, meh. Then last but not least you see Mr. Max Factor himself experimenting with a nice young lady here with some weird crazy head contraption. I am not sure what it is. Even though I saw a huge image of this at the Musem in LA recently. Yes, that's me, I like to look but not read. Yes I am one of those.

So anywho, have a SAFE V-Day folks!

This is Your Life

I just deleted a blog I wrote earlier this evening after feeling like the scum of the earth, lonely, helpless, not knowing what to do. Who wants to listen to that whiny shit? I don't. Then I remembered, it's time to watch fight club again. Remember.... This is your life.

I keep having to remind myself, the only way things will change is if I change them. The only opportunity I have is if I seize them. I need to stop making excuses and making these stricked guidelines for myself.

Carpe diem
'seize the day'

"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. " -Tyler Durden

Excellent!!!! I'm crap of the world (jumping up and down clapping). Thank you Tyler Durden. I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad for raising me......." Wow - I feel much better now! Why do I feel like painting and making soap now. Oooo Ikea! I need another shelf!