Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have not touched Me Blog in Foreverrrrrrr

It’s almost 2013 and I have not touched ***say the rest in a pirate accent***
 Me blog in foreverrrrr….
Why?  O my, well I got a real job and have not been doing Freelance work in a while or art shows. But let me tell you, I miss it sooo much.  But the steady pay check is nice.  I must say my biggest disappointment this year was that the world did not end.  Talk about Epic Fail.  So I went to see the Hobbit this weekend and I had to giggle.  I saw it on Sunday, 12/23/2012 and all the previews of trailers before the movie were about, come on guess, I dare you.  Ok, Ok, Ok, every single movie trailer was about the end of the world.  OMG….  I was not fearful about the end of the world because being in marketing and working on graphics all the time I could only imagine the Mayans just being plain tired from creating every calendar.  I am sure there was a job description that was passed on after this certain Mayan worker finished the calendar and told them how to continue the calendar.  But then that someone thought, you know, no one will ever notice and by that time, they will have futuristic things that can print calendars easy.  O,  what a revolution on the Apocalypse.  ***Giggle***
So the world continues as the day of our lives.  And so I reflect on the last 3 years.   A few months ago I received a notice from the state telling me I had been divorced for 3 years.  Wow, thanks state for drumming up that old memory, stabbing me in the heart with a wooden stake and then stepping on it.   I have been trying to forget about that.  LOL.  But, with the destruction of any mass land or forest comes beauty that grows from it.  After being married for 15 years and thrown into a society that really noticed that I was no longer married, I noticed very quickly this was a whole new scary strange world.  I was side tracked for a while and pretty busy to notice.  I mean with the divorce going on , my dad passing away, my grandfather shooting himself and the other grand father passing in one year while I continue to work my but off to get a job, see my kids, do art shows and freelance.  The good thing is I had the funeral outfit down and that black dress has been in the closet for a while.  LOL.   Ofcourse even with all of that I continued the conventions and art shows becasue that was part of my job.  J O darn!  So with this and going to conventions I Iearned a few things like,  maybe I shouldn’t be so open and accepting of people.  Well, here’s a few more scenarios for you.
Lessons learned ( I shake my head with embarrassment but if it helps someone else out, so be it):
1)      I learned that sometimes if you talk to a socially acquired people and become their friend they quickly think you are into them, more than a friend.  Umm – this took me several instances of reoccurrences for me to realize this. Now I do my best not to be as nice and friendly.  Ugh…. Yes, I am slow and totally non observant to these issues.  Sadly my kids (who are 18 and 15) got to the point they wanted to Cos Play Men in Black at a convention, have ear pieces so when someone started to hit on me they they would let me know with my ear. Abort mission, throw dice on the ground, go, go, go, go!  Hoping that a ploy like this would help me from some acquired situation.  I mean, it does take a freight truck for me to understand the situation.
2)      I learned that when someone invites you up for tea after a movie that they don’t just want to have tea.
3)      I learned that when someone asks you to come over to watch a movie they don’t necessarily want to watch a movie.

So other than that life change I started on a mission to rebuild my life. I think this year was probably the most successful one so farI found a steady job, I continue to battle and continue to recover from health issues, got a new apartment and a new vehicle.  Woo Hooo….  I continue to see my awesome offspring as much as possible and continued to bellydance,  So what’s next?
This year I am going to start going to cons again this year, work on my art (outside of work) and plan a few shows and photo shoots.nbsp;It will not be to the extreme I did before but it will be enough to keep me busy.I am working on opening my Etsy store again soon (Dork Side Girl) and reopened my Facebook fan page.  It closed briefly due to misunderstanding that my geeky art, it’s fiction, it’s not real and it is fun.  Clean healthy fun.  Ok it maybe a little messy but still its clean healthy fun.  When it’s stop being healthy, that’s when it’s time to work on something else.  :D
What art pieces are coming up?
R2D2 Dice project is still in the works, some fan art, my dice geekery and some other items up my sleeve.  I can not divulge that information until it’s that time or I’d have to, I dunno, lick your nose or something like that, and none of us want that.  I know I don’t want any buggers, because that is just gross.
Woo Hoo!!!!  And the beat goes on... And the beat goes on.....
I'll update more laters.  Chow!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

R10 Creations: Page 9 Of the Third Rail is here!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

R10 Creations: Suicide Strike Process Part 3!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

R10 Creations: The Third Rail Pg 1

From an old friend.... R10 Creations: The Third Rail Pg 1: "Well here it is, Now that I have toiled over it and changed it a billion times without further ado: With this page done now I have ripped t..."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Can Kick Ass!

Yes that is what it has been the last 2.5 years. I am so ready to stabilize it's unreal. Me, the girl who doesn't know how to sit still. The girl, who gets board easily? The one who is filtering all over anime, gaming and comic conventions geeking out like a little fairy. O yes... I am ready to embark on a new adventure. One of Dangerrrrrr, one of ragggggeeeee... one of mysteryyyy.... Ooooooooo.... yes. That is I. I am one to live on the edge: I liketo run yellow lights, Yes - I put large pans in dishwashers that are supposed to be washed. M
y edginess takes no bou
nds. I write horrid, evil, messages and then giggle and delete them before I send them. Only I will ever know what they say.

But really now. It has been a winding road. Last year this time. I had no clue what was up with me. Now I know - the Fibromyalgia, Thyroid and IBS are all being managed and under control. Woot Woot! Well, medicine sucks but Hell, I feel so much better seeing that last year I couldn't even move. My thyroid levels should have been between 3 and 5 and it was up to 60. My doctor was debating putting me in the hospital. Last year at thanksgiving a family member picked me up at my place and drove me to my sisters house and I stayed awake long enou

gh to eat and roll back into bed. Since then I have lost 30 plus pounds. I don't look like it but it's weird. I stopped eatting Glutten in February and that helps some. Massage is the freaking bomb. Yeah! Then there is my shimmy shimmy time when I belly dance for a nice workout.

Im trying to figure out a costume to make. One of my friends said since I like dice I s
hould make dots as if I were a 5. Ummm! LOL.

So yesterday, I got something I have wanted for a long time. Yep a toy accordian! Last night my son who is 14
and I sat down
and learned how to play it a bit. I think we got some of Joy to the world and I tried to do a Gogol Bordello song..... OPA! I so want to go to Russia! Man - or here if they were here and see one of their shows. OMG - yes I would geek out. Ok so I recently discovered them through an interesting movie called Wrist Cutters. I totally loved it. I mean seriously, Joy Division, sad 80's songs and Purgatory. Sweetness... now that's my kind of hell. An
yway, one of the songs got my attention. LOL - this is going to be great along with my Eukleighli( Ok - or however you spell it - you know, the small baby guitar looking thing?) I got a few months back. Hrmm - maybe I should get a base drum and cymbols between my knees like in Mary Poppins. I dunno - I just know these things make me laugh. And laughing is awesome!

Through it all I keep on going. Hellz Ya, I can kick some ass hrmm... scratch that. Yar tiz be kickin yarrrr boooty.... Aye - Pirate be the life for me. Actually - I always wanted to be in a Carnival. Or gypsy caravan. A few years back - I knew I was going to leave my X, I had a

silly dream about getting a little airstream to hook up to my car and just goooo to whatever art festival or renaissance festival was around. In the front could be my studio, then the kitchen and my bordello room in the back. Well, not used as a bordello - but I like the style. I could make my art all day and dance into the night around the fire.

Maybe one day, I mean WOW - Mini Cooper the Care of my DREAMS and the streamline / silver bullet combined? Double geek-asm here.

What is the point of this you might ask? I don't know - you can't ask what the meaning of life is too and get the same answer. So pick your battles. There... I said it. Yeah! O wait, that doesn't make since, sence or cents. Muahahahaha....

Anyway, cliff note version here. I am so much better than I was. Working on getting life on track. Ready for stability (yes I have 2 interviews this week - wish me luck! It's been since February that I was laid off, so steady work would be awesome). In the mean time, I can dream. I will make my dream board. Which will constantly change. Thank goodness for chalk boards. I mean - geezz.... I am a flaky person and ink does not erase, so this is perfect for me.

My love life? What's that... Focus is on me. Work, my kids, health and my art. Once I have enough art built up I will show again. Right now thinking of making Little Miss Gothic Muffet into a silk screen for shirts and other items and working on a plush. I guess I need to get a few more going.

Ok - kiddos - I can babble all night like a babblefish, but I am signing off.....

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movie week…. I can’t believe I saw this many!

After 3 months of extensive planning for an arts festival, It was finally over and it was a success. The week after, my body collapsed into a, " what just happened" moment. It was time for me to take some time and recoup before going to a convention in San Antonio 4 days later. To do so, I had decided to see a few movies:

X Men, Green Lantern, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2 all in one week. How would I rate these?

Xmen, I liked. I thought it really brought characters together. Now how this relates to the comics, I don’t know. The comic I really read in Highschool and College was Death the Sand Man Series by Neil Gaiman. I love the old cartoons and such but never really read the comics.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was cute. I really like it and it made me a bit teary.

Cars 2 – Meh……

Green Hornet… Meh…

Will I buy any of these movies? I have no idea, but the magic 8 ball is hovering between ask me later to out right, no. They were fun and entertaining for the moment.

I finally saw the old 1994 movie, The Crow, a few weeks ago.Everyone I have told are amazed I never saw it. Meh, I had other things going on at the time like being pregnant, college and working full time alongest other things. But it was cool. I was amazed at the familiar looks of The Crow and the Heath Fletcher Joker characters. Then to find out they both were killed? Wow… is that true? I don’t know – I was too lazy to look it up.

This week has been busy but I always have time to veg and watch a movie at home. Really that is one of my favorite past times recently. I have borrowed the whole Star Wars set, Cowboy Beebop, 9 and Fight Club and I look forward to watching them again. Yep – instead of shopping at the store I have reverted to borrowing my friends movies and things – and I do the same for them.

As for books? I still haven’t really gotten my hands on any to borrow yet. If you’re willing to send me one, I will read it, but I am trying not to buy any for the time being. Maybe it’s time for a library card I say. But in the mean time, I am reading Hitchhikers road to the galaxy. Yes – I have never read it all the way through. Now that I have some time – I will go for it. Also I have the 2nd hard back of the graphic novel Fables to read. That will be fun also. Another short read I am borrowing from a friend is Bride of Tranqility. A friend of mine picked it up at a con. Said it was light hearted and funny. That is what I need. So we shall see.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ode to Work

Ode to work
Sing to the tune of whistle while you work. F blunt please.......

Whistle while you work. ***whistle***Don't listen to that jerk. ****whistle*** Their power hungry, last minute hurry, they treat you like your diiiiiirttttt. Soooo.... Whistle while you work. ***whistle***Don't listen to that jerk. ****whistle*** Your absolutelyyyy confidentlyyyy, crucial to do their workkkk.... Sooooo, just..... Whistle while you curse.. ***whistle*** Don't forget to do your worst ***whistle***. Take a long lunch, leave a little early and forget about that jerk. Sooo just whistle while you driv***whistle*** It's time to leave that ***bleep bleep bleeping bleep*** dive!!!!! Time to have a stiff drink *** hiccup*** and pass out on your beeeedddd....... Zzzzzzzzzzz