Sunday, March 13, 2011

Alice Madness Returns and Need help.. Which version to buy?

**** girly excitement squeal. Eeeeeeeeeee*****
It's being released in June!

It's been 11 years since American McGee Alice was here. I sadly, didn't get to play until this year after I finally won a bid on ebay. For a game that was so old, it is still very popular. I had been looking at it the last few years and since the newer Alice in Wonderland was out, it was priced up in the $150's use. Luckily when I finally won the bid (I lost the bid to 5 other copies) , I got it for $30.

I have heard that both experienced gamers will not be disappointed and that people just getting into gaming will still be able to get through the game with it's puzzles and battles, but also the noobs.

The story? "American McGee’s Alice saw an accidental fire consume Alice’s home in Victorian London, along with her family. Wracked with survivor’s guilt, Alice attempted to commit suicide and was committed to the Rutledge Asylum. While institutionalized there, she revisited the Wonderland of her childhood, which had decayed under the iron fist of the Queen of Hearts. By destroying the Queen -- the physical manifestation of her own insanity -- Alice restored Wonderland to its original splendor and was declared stable enough to venture out into the real world." via Samit Sarkar

Check out this fantastic-o trailer!

Being a Alice nut,
I can't wait.
I love being able to slide into a persona of a suicidal Alice. But this time around Muahahahhaha.... Again 11 years later. I can not wait, to see how smooth the game play will be and graphics much more advanced (ok that's a duh, but the older version still isn't bad).

Which version to buy
PS3 or PC

I'm confused....... need help....

an Alice fan!


  1. Re: which version to buy - I would say it depends on your PCs specs. If you have a newer machine that meets or (preferably) exceeds the minimum hardware requirements, I would suggest going with the PC version. Otherwise, you'll probably be more satisfied with the PS3 version.

  2. LOL - well my PC is pretty new, but both my boys say I need to get it on the PS3. I think it's because they want to play also and they know they wont have a chance to play if it's on my PC. LOL. But if I start traveling again - it's so PC all the way. Good idea to check the specs. Sadly it would only give me a reason to get a hard core gaming PC that I have been wanting. LOL.

  3. That's the bad thing about new PC games. You're always having to upgrade.

  4. Agreed. Ok - I am leaning towards Playstation. :D