Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ode to Work

Ode to work
Sing to the tune of whistle while you work. F blunt please.......

Whistle while you work. ***whistle***Don't listen to that jerk. ****whistle*** Their power hungry, last minute hurry, they treat you like your diiiiiirttttt. Soooo.... Whistle while you work. ***whistle***Don't listen to that jerk. ****whistle*** Your absolutelyyyy confidentlyyyy, crucial to do their workkkk.... Sooooo, just..... Whistle while you curse.. ***whistle*** Don't forget to do your worst ***whistle***. Take a long lunch, leave a little early and forget about that jerk. Sooo just whistle while you driv***whistle*** It's time to leave that ***bleep bleep bleeping bleep*** dive!!!!! Time to have a stiff drink *** hiccup*** and pass out on your beeeedddd....... Zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Hahahahahaha... Yep, it's still funny.

  2. Miss Muffet,

    Alas a variation on the Dilbert theme.


  3. Sadly - I am not that mean. I am paranoid about being late and doing a bad job. But. K Sera Sera. LOL