Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonder Woman vs Cat Woman, the winner is......

Today i saw this on one of my normal sites I check for art inspiration.....

Sneak peek from Wonder Woman picture book coming this spring from Even the gods don’t stand a chance!?!?!?

Ofcourse, my mind didn't focus on the up and coming comic but more to the effect of... Wonder woman... blaaaaa........ Now I must admit, I didn't follow Wonder woman growing up. I didn't think her invisible jet was thought thru. I mean, you could still see her when she was in it. WHY have an invisible plane if you can still see the person inside. It's like giving Harry Potter a regular blanket and telling him it's an invisibility cloak. Then Harry would say, "I'm invisible. You can't see me... You can't see me." then Lord Voldermort would giggle and go ****poof*** gone went Potter.

As a kid, I thought hrmmm... that's really embarrassing if she has to put on auto pilot and have to go to the bathroom. Everyone would see it. Now, my all time favorite was ***cough*** ***meow*** you got it.... Cat Woman.... It only makes me wonder... If Cat women and Wonder Woman were to get into a fight... who would win? Thoughts? I personally think Cat woman would win and kick some serious Wonder Woman butt. Think about it, Cat Woman has death defying sex appeal not to mention an awesome dominatrix wip and a bitchy cat like attitude of, don't mess with me or Ill bite your head off.... I mean really? "Life's a bitch and so am I" Meowwww..... Then don't forget....

Selina Kyle: Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it.
Bruce Wayne: But a kiss can be even deadlier... if you mean it.

Dun dun Dunnnn.......

So you tell me, in the battle of Cat and Wonder Woman... Who would you place your bets on and why? Im a fan, and always have been. She just looks and acts like she means business. She's dressed for fighting. Wonder woman on the other hand is set up for a wardrobe catastrophe. I could see her now. OMG, my top wont stay up. I don't think she has lazer beams underneath her top to fight crime. I'm just sayin.....

But who am I? I'm just a fan behind a mask....

I said No MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!
Yours Truely,
Mommy Dearst


  1. Considering Wonder Woman is supposed to be able to stand toe-to-toe with Superman, I think she would beat Catwoman in a straight up fight. I think that Selina Kyle is typically more interesting as a character, though.

  2. Shhh, key phrase... Supposed to have... Even with Superman's strength I still don't see it happening. Superman isn't wearing the same clothes as superman. That corset would nor be comfortable in battle, the boots are also a negative on attack. Then let's talk hair. Long hair gets in the way. Let's face it. She's a girl, she has boobs and she should be dressed differently for attack. Catwoman now has combat type boots. A body suit skin tight not to snag on anything. Goggles. Even with WW strength, if she doesn't revisit the above, I would say they can dual and it would be a close far that is unless catwoman uses her charm and sex appeal on WW.

  3. I'm sorry to say that my familiarity with each woman's fighting style is sadly lacking. Therefore I cannot say with certainty who would win a fight. It depends on the circumstances I guess. If Wonder Woman got her lasso around Catwoman, would that just stop said fight? Come to think of it, this fight as all kinds of kinky connotations to it.


  4. Cat Woman's sex appeal would only work if Wonder Woman was a lesbian. And if Wonder Woman was a lesbian, she could find pleasure from Cat Woman's whip rather than pain. And THEN she would also go crazy with how much of a bad girl Cat Woman looks. So Wonder Woman would be immune to any damage being done to her.

    Despite Cat Woman looking great, I think Wonder Woman would win, regardless of her sexual orientation. Wonder Woman just has that strength that Cat Woman doesn't have.

  5. Wait..... Wonder Woman isn't a lesbian?

  6. Forrest,

    I thought she was an Amazon princess.


  7. Forrest and Trent, you guys rock! Yep, that's my boys. Trent.... Grrrrr . Forrest I thought the same thing. Sadly I think Cat woman lost this battle. Pout pout. Captain Noble, Joseph and Trent, you may have won with your logic. But in my mind Cat Woman rules!

  8. Well considering Wonder Woman is a master combaant Selina doesn'really stand a chance, imean ilove Selina and she's been seen going toe to toe with Batman but if irecall correctly, Wonder Woman defeated Batman easily and he stated she was the greatest combatant on earth