Friday, February 11, 2011


As we are about to embark on another overly marketed holiday, Valentines Day, I have to giggle. The immature side of me says to myself, "V- day, more like venereal disease day."
Afterwhich, I thought my valentine to you would be a little demented collage, if you will.

Starting from the upper left corner you see a light fixture from the Dentist to which I recently visited. As with Love, the Dentist scares the day lights out of me. Then moving over to the right, you see parts of the word Safety. Well when I see the words Safety, the song Safety Dance goes into my head by Men Without Hats. But I digress, this image I took on the airplane going on one of my work trips this last year. Yes instead of listening to the Flight Attendant, I took goofy pictures. Then on the lower left hand side is a picture of me. :) LOL, yes this is me in a store holding a heart shaped candy box that says F@ing Love You. I thought this was hilarious. No I didn't buy it, but I took a picture and have had alot of fun with it. Uh - O - the retail Gods will be after me. O well, my credit cards are already burning so, meh. Then last but not least you see Mr. Max Factor himself experimenting with a nice young lady here with some weird crazy head contraption. I am not sure what it is. Even though I saw a huge image of this at the Musem in LA recently. Yes, that's me, I like to look but not read. Yes I am one of those.

So anywho, have a SAFE V-Day folks!


  1. What kind of camera are you using to take these photos? Is it a Lomography camera or are you running vintage lomo-filters? Because your photo's always look so polished and beautifully vintage I love them.

  2. Thanks Alex,

    THank you for the very nice words. I do love photography and lomography. I peruse magazines like nothing else to just looks a pictures. It used to drive my Dad insane that I couldn't sit still and just have a conversation with him.

    My more refined images are taken on my Nikon D80. Some are photoshopped, some are not. Some are taken in RAW and then tweaked added vingets, curves, ect. I love flooding images with light too. Added filters, layers and noise.

    I have a twin lens camera and a Holga at home (you know the cheap plastic camera) that both take medium format film. However, in saying all of this, I have not used either camera because film cost so damn much. LOL then the paper and processing.. OMG - and i would have to process it. No these are easy cheesy 1-2-3sy pics on my iphone. I have several aps and filters on it along with a small version of photoshop. Before my phone crashed last week I had 20 different phone aps. Yes I am a camera hoar. Right now I am re-adding them and it's taking a bit of time:

    Camera Bag (Holga and other filters)
    Pudding Camera (lomo in Japanese)
    8mm (nice grainy images and vid)
    PS express (dumbed down photoshop)
    Bad Camera
    Capture... if you want to add a ghost to your picture.

    Now sometimes I may take pics and then send it to my my actual computer and then play with it there. It's just fun.

    Thanks for noticing my geekness of the lomo.

    O and Lomo reminds me of Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto domo... domo.. I always want to say lomo. If you add any do share!

  3. OOps and I forgot one more app... Hipstamatic Baby - that's where it's at. :D

  4. OMG You just gave me a great Tee Idea... "Lomo Arrigato Mr. Roboto" You mind if I illustrate that or you want to keep that as your intellectual property? I'll send you a tee if it sells.

  5. Go for it Alex! i would love to see that!!!

  6. Thanks! It's my fav pass time. What odd things can I take pics of today. :). Happy V day. Thank god it's over. Lol

  7. Can't say that I'm a big fan of V-Day, either. Probably 'cause I can't get a date to save my life. Oh, well.

    I enjoy photography, too. In fact, maybe I'll use some of my tax return to buy a nicer camera. Hmmmm....

  8. Ha, mean either. I think it's funny when I take my 16 yr old and my 14 year old to concerts, they are like male OFF. My god one person thought my 16 yr old was my date. WTF, I'm not a cougar and ewww.. That's my son. Lol.

    Ooooo.... New camera.... Aaaaahhhhhh that would be so cool. What are ya going to get? I have a nikon D80 and Love it! I need more lenses and attachments. I don't think I am materialistic, but when it comes to computers and cameras, I have to wipe saliva off. Damn I wish I had a tax return. Sadly I owe this year, but it's because I don't have deductions since Kiddos live with their dad :(. Pout pout, but I'll see them this weekend and play zombies, catan, munchkin, gloom and maybe start painting my vampire warhammer set. Yes, I'm a nerd. Muahahahaha!!!!!

  9. That sounds like a great time!

    I don't think it's my kids that get in the way of my dating life. I think it's just me and my awkward self. I probably just need to get out more and ask more girls out. I mean, eventually someone will say 'yes,' right?

    I'm not sure what sort of camera I'm going to get. I haven't really started looking, yet. I'll have to check out the D80. Any other suggestions?

  10. Eh, mine don't either. I just think it's funny.

    Yes - asking someone out is the first step. I avoid those things called dates these days. It's a little freaky.

    As for a camera. There are so many out there these days. What's your budget. What kind of pictures do you take? How big are you going to blow the picture up to. Are you brand conscious? There are good ones on ebay too. Right now with people downsizing getting new things, ect. You can find some nice deals if you know what you are looking for.

    I know Nikon has bigger and better ones than mine now - I think their D90 even has video capabilities. Things has so changed since highschool and I actually developed my own film. Wow. Oooo Ahhhhh.... :) Happy Shopping. Let me know what you get. Post some of your pictures too... share I say to you, share... if you dare.

  11. I ended up getting a Canon Rebel XS. It's my first "real" camera and I'm really excited about it. I just sort of fell into photography since I was the only one willing to take pictures for my mom at family events (she's handicapped and has a hard time with motor control). It wasn't something I was really thrilled with at first, but I've grown to like it.

    Nature pics are my favorite. Here's some links to some stuff I've done. Most of these I took, but there are few that my daughters snapped.

  12. Mr. Captain Noble... I must say I am blown away.... I look forward to seeing what you take with your new Canon. :) Looks like a good camera and great Mega PX. That's cool about you taking pics for your mom. Looks like you enjoy taking pics and have a good eye for interesting things.

    Me? I have always enjoyed it. My uncle used to take pictures all the time and then in High school I took Photo Lab every year. I got to develop and make actual prints by hand. I love film, but it's expensive.

    In college, I majored in environmental science and art. But I more or less took forestry classes - since Environmental science wasn't necessarily popular at the time. Oddly, I slipped more into art and less away from the Forestry, for reasons of persuasion. For a Forestry degree i would have had to move away and at the time not ideal. So there ya go. But being able to camp and take pictures is pretty close to the best of both worlds. Atleast in a round about way. maybe? Hrmm - no not really. Anyway, I didn't get my degree, I had my first son the last year I was suppose to and well we moved and moved and moved. But I have done pretty well for myself and I still love photography, design and art. I plan on making a garden in my Mom's back yard this spring. Time to grow organic veggies, some fruit and herbs. :) Ok - I have totally wondered off topic. Anywho....

    Here are some pictures I took of a tornado driving from Houston to Dallas. It was literally an exit up from where I was. I was traveling by myself and I was so excited, not scared, more like giddy. Weird.

    Just some samples:

    Belly Dancers at Ren Fest in Houston

    I have some from my recent LA trip:

    I officially feel like a lurker after looking through your pics, but I enjoyed it. Made me think about times growing up and going to the mountains. I commented on a few. It was fun, thank you for sharing.

  13. Well, thanks. I don't know how much skill it takes to take pictures in that area, though. I think no matter how you point the camera, you're going to get some beautiful imagery.

    I really like your pics, too. Those tornado images are just stunning.